CDN.Fish fast fish network,
distributed network
acceleration and
distribution platform.


Let us introduce about the CDN.Fish currency

CDN came into being clear vision to become a global leader in the world of crypto currency market.

CDN.Fish is a new type of network construction method, which can publish broadband rich media on the traditional IP network and a specially optimized network coverage layer, which fits the needs of the Internet of Things for network infrastructure and can expand and expand the resources of the edge network through intelligence. And ability to meet the data bearing needs of different stages, and has inherent edge node attributes.

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cdn is untraceable

Sending and receiving addresses as well as transacted amounts.

Autonomy self-rule.

cdn has striven to solve blockchain governance.

Transparency & Stability

In crypto, transparency brings trust & old strong transparency


Keep private messages

Based on the irreversible nature of the blockchain, all operations are real and effective and cannot be modified


Through automated execution of smart contracts

Achieve zero-management of asset management and transaction processes, greatly reducing time costs and eliminating trust costs


Records of stability and safety structures

Rely on the credibility of the data on a secure distributed storage system, and each transaction record is open and transparent

Total number of CDN tokens: 210,000

CDN is based on the digital token issued on the fast fish network CDN.Fish. In the ecological scene of the fast fish, the CDN token will be used as a circulation token for the transaction of the computing power system. It is used for payment and circulation within the ecology to reward computing power achievements and encourage computing power growth. Because it has computing power as a guarantee, CDN also has investment value outside the ecology. In the entire economic ecology outside the computing power system, the ecological pass CDN will be used as the transaction settlement pass of the entire economic model to encourage the development and prosperity of the economic ecology.

CDN Technology Overview and Implementation Principles

The CDN provides a mechanism. When the user requests content, the content can be provided to the user by the Cache delivered at the fastest speed. This process of selecting the "optimal" is called load balancing. From a functional point of view, a typical CDN system It is composed of distribution service system, load balancing system and operation management system.

Stage 01

Implementation principle

Stage 02

Implementation principle

Road Map

As can be seen from the above, the process for users to access a website that does not use the CDN cache is: